The Feb 13 issue of Newsweek had an interesting article about the persecution of Christians in the world. The reporter’s thesis is that via political pressure, Islamist states are basically bullying news agencies and humanitarian organizations into ignoring the persecution and virtual genocide of Christians. For fear of being labeled anti-Islamist or even worse, being attacked, the world has largely ignored the plight of Christians in many Islamist states throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. I personally resonate with this topic on several fronts, and it’s finally given me an occasion to reflect on the incredible people I’ve met over the last few weeks.  Continue reading

Tim Tebow Effect

Ok, sorry for the frequent sports-related posts, but I thought I’d share this “guest post” by my senior pastor in his weekly column that goes out to our church folks. (I think he should start a blog, but he hasn’t yet). Enjoy!

The Tim Tebow Effect

Why do people have a problem with Tim Tebow? The media calls it the “Tim Tebow Effect.” For those who do not recognize the name, Tebow is the back up quarterback for the Denver Broncos (ex-Bear Kyle Orton was the first string QB) who has led the team to 4 victories in the last 5 games. In fact, just last night he scored on a 20-yard touchdown run with 58 seconds left to cap a 95-yard drive, giving Denver a 17-13 victory over the Jets (sorry Bob Collins). Continue reading