Risk vs. Wonder in the Kingdom – [Guestpost by my friend, Jon]

Hey folks! I apologize for the radio silence. The last two weeks have been a very full “nationwide tour” – traveling to Vancouver for a week, then MD for a wedding, then to Chicago the next day for another wedding, then to Atlanta for a conference, capped off by speaking at a retreat for CRU at the University of MD. I experienced so much. I can’t wait to share some of my learnings. 

While I get my thoughts straightened out, I asked a friend to reflect on and share about his recent experience preparing to go to the Congo for a work assignment. As I prayed for him and his family, there was so much that intrigued me about his mentality and preparations in going to a VERY dangerous place in the world. I asked Jon to write some of this thoughts down. I think you’ll find the example of what it means to consider risk inspiring as well as his writing style – I hope you find as much enjoyment in his wit as I did! So without further delay, please welcome my friend, Jon Lindner! Continue reading