Real Election Day “Coverage”

Two more prayer topics as the day unfolds. The first two can be found here.

3. Pray that Americans will vote by conscience, not merely on the basis of celebrity or emotion.  Christian citizens must vote to uphold righteousness and contend for righteous and just laws.  But, at the same time, we must repent of moralism and the tacit assumption that better laws would produce better people

4. Pray that Americans will vote to defend the least among us — and especially those who have no vote. This starts, but does not end, with concern for the unborn and for the recovery of respect for the dignity and sanctity of every single human life at every stage of development, from conception until natural death, from immigrant to naturalized citizen.

My Letter to Ricky Gervais

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reposted (Dec 2010) British comedian/writer, Ricky Gervais’, letter on why he is an atheist. I wanted to write a line by line response to some of Gervais’ objections and points, but I thought a letter would be more appropriate. It’s not comprehensive, but it’s how I would respond to such a letter or perspective if it were from a person I really knew. Here goes: Continue reading


The Feb 13 issue of Newsweek had an interesting article about the persecution of Christians in the world. The reporter’s thesis is that via political pressure, Islamist states are basically bullying news agencies and humanitarian organizations into ignoring the persecution and virtual genocide of Christians. For fear of being labeled anti-Islamist or even worse, being attacked, the world has largely ignored the plight of Christians in many Islamist states throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. I personally resonate with this topic on several fronts, and it’s finally given me an occasion to reflect on the incredible people I’ve met over the last few weeks.  Continue reading