Praying with the end in mind…

As election day comes to an end, let’s close out the day in prayer and reflection over the goodness and sovereignty of God. Psalm 20 is great reading to wrap up the day.Remember the promise of Psalm 20:7 – “Some may trust in horses, some may trust in chariots, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God!”

9. Pray that this election would lead to even greater opportunities to preach the Gospel, and that the freedom of the church will be respected, honored, and protected. As you pray for this, keep in mind that throughout history, the mission of the Church has largely been advanced through the mediums of persecution and suffering. We must be ready as the church to embrace whatever God might ordain as the vehicle to advance his kingdom.

10. Pray for the church, praying that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ would be strengthened in the truth, grounded in the faith, and empowered for witness and ministry.  May the church, the sign of the coming kingdom, be faithful to declare the Gospel — knowing that this is the only message that will save.

May God grant us mercy and grace as we seek to fulfill our responsibilities as citizens — and our responsibilities as Christians.  This world is not our home, but we do bear responsibilities as followers of Christ as we are living here.

May God bless America, not because this nation deserves to be blessed, but because He is a God of grace and mercy.  Oh God . . . save us from ourselves.

Hope you had a Spirit-filled, joy-encompassed, God-delighting sort of election day. Remember who is in control!

Prayer Update

As you continue to pray, be watchful. How is God answering our prayers even as we speak them?

7. Pray that the election is conducted with honor, civility, respect, and justice.  We must pray that we do not face another round of litigation after an election.  This brings democracy into disrepute.  May there be a clear winner, not a contested result.

8. Pray that Americans will be prepared to accept the results of the election with respect and kindness.  This will be no time for rancor, condemnations, and conspiracy theories.  Instead, we must pray that God will settle the hearts of the people.  May Christians be ready to respond with prayer, respect for office, and a gentle spirit.  Others will be watching.

Praying Without Ceasing!

Keep on keeping on as this day unfolds. Pray so that you will keep your sanity amidst the hoopla that is sure to ensue!

5. Pray that God will prick the conscience of the nation on issues of morality, righteousness, and respect for marriage as the central institution of human civilization.  So much ground appears to have been lost on these issues.  We need to pray that much ground can be regained. Marriage itself is on the ballot this year, both in the presidential election and in specific measures in four states (including our own – Question 6!).

6. Pray that God will protect these candidates and their families.  They have been through an arduous ordeal and now face the deadline of the vote.  They are physically exhausted and now face the judgment of the people.  They are public figures, but they are also flesh and blood human beings, who are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters.  Their families have withstood much.  We should pray for their marriages and their children.