A Shameless Guest Post

My dear friend and respected sister in the teaching guild asked me to write a guest post to her blog. It’s about overcoming guilt and shame as a Korean-American pastor. Check it out and leave her a comment to encourage her!

Also, if you’re looking for a gifted woman speaker for an event, she’s fantastic.

Fired up by an ignorant comment

So I read thisĀ blogpost by a reformed African-American pastor, Thabiti Anyabwile, responding to a question as to why African-American pastors didn’t show up for a conference called Together For The Gospel. I thought it was a fair response, but one follow-up comment got me fired up. The comment was posed by a white reformed pastor (most likely attender of the conference):

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MLK’s Drum Major Instinct

In my morning devotions today, I decided to read a sermon of Dr. Martin Luther King’s along with my Daily Office reading. (A few months ago, I bought a collection of Rev. King’s sermons and writings to read periodically.) I stumbled upon a sermon called, “The Drum Major Instinct”. It’s one of his more well-known sermons especially because excerpts of it were read at his funeral – you’ll see why in just a moment. I was really impacted by his words, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect, remember, and learn from this man whose life is commemorated today. Continue reading