How to Leave Well…and what to expect!

Well, today is the last day of tenure as a pastor at Community Fellowship Church in West Chicago. It’s been a full eight years filled with lots of laughs, tears, sweat, frustrations, and joy. I am grateful to God for the sanctifying influence that my church has had on me as a pastor, disciple, father, and husband. Since we made the decision to move back to Maryland, the last few months have been filled with lots of conversations, meetings, notes, action steps, more conversations, dealing with misunderstandings, forgiveness, some more conversations, and finally closure. I remember having one conversation with a friend who told me to make sure I leave well. I wasn’t sure what that meant so I asked him to clarify. He explained that leaving well is to edify the church, give glory to God, and to set up the church for success. It was a wise and God-supplied conversation. As I finish out this last day of employment at CF, I thought it might be helpful to list a few of the things I experienced as part of the leaving process. In essence, here’s my thoughts on how to transition out of a church well and what to expect. Continue reading

A Shameless Guest Post

My dear friend and respected sister in the teaching guild asked me to write a guest post to her blog. It’s about overcoming guilt and shame as a Korean-American pastor. Check it out and leave her a comment to encourage her!

Also, if you’re looking for a gifted woman speaker for an event, she’s fantastic.



This morning I’m grieving the loss of a friend and fellow partner in the kingdom. Anna went home to be with the Lord yesterday night (fitting that it would be on Leap Day). Would you pray for her family? The CF family?

There’s a host of emotions and feelings as I reflect on the nature of suffering, the promise of going home, and how to live my life in the meanwhile. I’m reminded today that my life is on the edge and in between. The promise of resurrection is Anna’s as well as mine because of what Jesus did so many years ago. Yet, we are living in between that and the promise of what is to come – the realization of our resurrection.

I’m impressed and struck by how well Anna lived her life despite the confusion, pain, fears, and sadness. I’m blown away by the number of people from so many generations and around the world who have been impacted by her life.

So many thoughts, hopes, dreams, challenges are swirling through my mind and heart…but today, I choose to grieve (with hope), to pray, and to cry.