The Myth of Family Worship

A friend of mine and I have traded many battle stories about trying (unsuccessfully) to lead family devotions. Too often than not, we exchanged remorse over not leading well enough to have order and not chaos. I remember the defining moment when we simply accepted and acknowledged the fact that we weren’t being called to lead gestapo-style family devotion, but to be as faithful and sincere as possible. The real challenge was to trust that God would work in the things that are beyond our control (namely, the squirreliness of our short attention span-ridden kids).

I found this article to be a welcome support for our cause.

Parental Amnesia

I’ve been taking a break from posting during this Lenten season, but I couldn’t resist reposting this entry from Gloria Furman at Desiring God. It’s amazing how parenting can push right up against the Gospel that tells us our identity is rooted and founded in Christ. How can we fight parental amnesia? How about other sorts of amnesia? Professional amnesia? Social amnesia? Sexual amnesia? There are so many things that make us forget who we are and what time it is. How do you fight amnesia? I’d love to hear your comments below.

How Eternity Shapes Our Mundane.