Evil/suffering vs. a Good Omnipotent God

Tim Keller posted an interesting and concise apologetic for believing in God while experiencing evil. While beginning a bit philosophically, you can really sense his pastoral heart at the end. As a background, the evidential argument against the existence of God from evil goes like this:

1. God is all-powerful.

2. God is all-good.

3. Evil exists.

The logical conclusion is that God (as an all-powerful or all-good) being cannot coexist with evil – either he wants to stop it (he is good), but can’t (not all-powerful); he can stop it (he is all-powerful), but won’t (not good); or neither (he won’t and can’t stop evil). Personally, I think it is one of the strongest arguments against the existence of God, but not a silver bullet. Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some of my own thoughts about how to process suffering/evil in light of belief in a good and all-powerful God. For now, enjoy the Tim Keller post.

AZ church is house of prostitution!?


At least that’s the headline CNN.com posted. Apparently, the Phoenix Goddess Temple was nothing more than a brothel. I don’t know if the oxymoronic nature of the headline was designed to attract hits, but let’s get this one thing clear – this place may have claimed to be a place of spiritual healing, but that doesn’t make it a church.

In fact, the first line is totally misleading, “A church called the Phoenix Goddess Temple…” Aside from the fact that “Church” is found nowhere in its title, this is another case of ignorant guilt by association. Just because a building or organization claims spirituality doesn’t make them a church. This begs the question, “What is a church?” Let me offer just a few cursory thoughts. Continue reading