Beware the slippery slope

In the realm of discourse and ethics, one can often encounter the idea of a slippery slope. This is the danger that an ethical principle, once accepted, can lead to ramifications of ethical actions that one might be unprepared for or even repelled by. For instance, in the ethical discussion of the value of a human life, if one was to argue that one’s value is determined by one’s contribution to society, this is could be a slippery slope. How do we then assess the value of infants, senior citizens, etc.?

Gene Veith, posed an interesting and thought-provoking question about the implications of the current debate on same-sex marriage. If we are willing to rearrange the norms when it comes to marriage and gender, is this a slippery slope for rearranging marriage and number?

What do you think? Is Veith being ‘doom and gloom’, or is his point worth considering? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s my heart, Lord, take and Siri it…

So the Internet is all abuzz with the unveiling of Apple’s newest Iphone. I admit that I spent the better part of an hour watching the live presentation on You’d think that after several iterations of Apple’s presentations, the media and the public (myself included) would get bored, but the hype and anticipation just seems to build with every new launch. I had been waiting for this announcement for a while as I am due for a new phone (as well as my wife), but my fascination with these products exposed something in me that I don’t like.  Continue reading


The Feb 13 issue of Newsweek had an interesting article about the persecution of Christians in the world. The reporter’s thesis is that via political pressure, Islamist states are basically bullying news agencies and humanitarian organizations into ignoring the persecution and virtual genocide of Christians. For fear of being labeled anti-Islamist or even worse, being attacked, the world has largely ignored the plight of Christians in many Islamist states throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. I personally resonate with this topic on several fronts, and it’s finally given me an occasion to reflect on the incredible people I’ve met over the last few weeks.  Continue reading