Disciple. Husband. Father. Son. Brother. Pastor.


My name is Mitchel Lee, and I am a Korean-American pastor living in Maryland. I have been serving as the Teaching Pastor/Pastor to Young Adults at Grace Community Church in Fulton, MD since June 2012.

Prior to this, I was the Teaching Pastor at Community Fellowship Church in West Chicago, IL since 2004. I’ve lived in MD, IL, and South Korea, and have studied in MD, NC, and IL.

My wife and partner in ministry, Sarah, has been the greatest instrument of God’s sanctification in my life. I never tire of watching her sleep, trying to figure out what she just said, and figuring out how to insert some kind of innuendo in my constant bantering with her.

My Three Sons

Noah, Ben, Calvin

My three boys, Calvin, Noah, and Benjamin have taught me more theology than all of my seminary classes combined. Through our life together, I have come face to face with my own depravity, experienced the Father’s heart of love in joy and in discipline, and seen what a child-like faith really is. It has been quite the ride raising three warriors!