Poignant slideshow on how our smartphones are making us dumber.

CNN Photos

In a world where texts, tweets and Facebook are constantly accessible through always-handy cell phones, it seems we are never left alone. Photographer Zack Arias’s #de_VICE series captures people who are lost in the world of their digital devices.

“We are tethered to our devices to the point they may be a vice,” Arias wrote on his blog last year. “I know I struggle with it. Once you are in the iWorld it’s amazing how unaware you become of your surroundings.”

Arias, a commercial photographer, started the personal project during a trip to New York in 2011. As he walked onto the bustling sidewalk, he saw a girl in a white dress looking down at her phone. He snapped a picture. He turned, saw someone else on a phone, and snapped another picture. Suddenly, in a “movie moment,” he looked around and realized he was surrounded by people on their…

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