The Power of Meditation

I was reminded this morning on the difference between meditation as practiced by Eastern mysticism versus Christianity. In Eastern pantheistic monism, the goal of meditation is to empty the mind such that there are no individualized thoughts. It is in essence intellectually contentless meditation, an attempt to become one with Reality by tuning one’s soul to the harmony of the cosmos. Sounds so mystical and supernatural, but if I get there, it ends up in a complete loss of the individual.

In Christianity, I am focusing on the glory of Christ to make my thoughts pleasing to him (Ps 19). In fact, the more I behold the glory of Christ, the more I become transformed into it. The process of meditation is no less supernatural as its focus is the divinely inspired Word of God. It begins with revelation and ends with illumination. Instead of becoming nothing, I actually become more human as I relate to and commune with my Maker.

How do you meditate? What practices/repetitions/liturgies do you employ to meditate on the glory of Christ?

2 thoughts on “The Power of Meditation

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the Valley of Vision. I’ve also resorted to using various collections of devotional readings to go with the Church season of the year. I’ve found that reading something inspiring drives me to the Bible and prayer and vice versa.

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