>A Taste of What We Saw in DC.


The Washington Post had this article about the rampant gentrification that has happened in the past ten years in Washington, D.C. If you’re not sure what gentrification is, it is the displacement of native residents (usually lower income) by a majority outside population. This is done by raising property values, rent, and overall cost of living while denying jobs and means to live. It’s flat out modern-day medieval eviction.

This article really sums up some of the dynamics that we experienced in five short days in DC. It’s a really strange state of affairs as upper middle class condos and stores take over a random street while a few streets down, lower income folks struggle to make it. It’s one of the most subversive and gradual systems of injustice that anyone can see. I’d like to see PG County’s census data. Have they seen an upsurge?

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