>Day 4: Examining Relationships

>It’s important to remember that as the cross has reconciled us to God, the cross also makes possible reconciliation with one another. God’s desire is to save a people for himself, not just populating the new kingdom with individuals. With that in mind, today’s prayer theme is the examination of our relational circles. 

  • Thank God for the people He has placed in your life.
  • Pray that God would deepen life-giving and iron-sharpening-iron relationships in your life.
  • Ask God to reveal to you any relationships that are in need of reconciliation and/or forgiveness.
  • Bring the disappointment and hurt from any broken relationships before the cross. Pray for reconciliation.
  • Pray for restoration of any relationships that you have neglected and/or distanced.

We also closed the morning with a special prayer emphasis to pray for Anna O’Connor, a dearly loved young adult in our CF community. She has been battling neuroblastoma for eight years now, and she is undergoing hip surgery today. You can learn more about Anna and neuroblastoma here.

Finally, the morning closed with some intercessory prayer for those who were needing encouragement to endure and battle illness. Needless to say, it was a sweet, but urgent morning.
See you tomorrow?

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