>Another beginning

>Well, here’s my latest attempt to track some of my musings and observations about life and faith. More and more, I am beginning to understand how expansive and all-encompassing the Gospel is in my life. As I am confronted with the alarming beauty of the cross, I recognize how much I try and define my life by something other than it. I have defended, justified, validated, and defined myself by my reputation, approval, and skillset – but God is liberating slowly through his sanctifying grace.

This quote sums up how I ‘feel’ about my own progression in this:

“My feelings are important for many things. They are essential and valuable. They keep me aware of much that is true and real. But they tell me next to nothing about God or my relation to God. My security comes from who God is [and what He has done through Christ], not from how I feel. Discipleship is a decision to live by what I know about God, not by what I feel about him or myself or my neighbors.” – Eugene Peterson.

May this blog be the online journal of a Long Obedience in the Same Direction!

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